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Aervana Original Electric Wine Aerator (First Edition)

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Aervana is the original one-touch luxury wine aerator. Many red wines need to “breathe” before they can be enjoyed at their best. Aervana dispenses and aerates your wine under pressure, providing more effective aeration all within an innovative “wine tap” format. Now, with Aervana, all it takes is one finger and the push of a button for perfectly aerated wine delivered straight to your glass. Instant aeration gives you the freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, both quickly and easily. Our First Edition Aervana Original comes with the Original aerating body and two accompanying PET plastic drawing-up tubes.


The Original – First Edition includes: Two standard tubes 6 AAA batteries Aervana body User Manual Non-drip dispenser spout to table-top provides more than 10 inches clearance for the largest-sized wine glass. Powered by 6 AAA 1.5V batteries (batteries included). Aerate and dispense more than 250 bottles of wine (average bottle being 750 ml) per set of batteries. Fits most common wine bottle shapes. Tube length optimized for 750 ml sized bottles (two tubes provided).